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On the outskirts of Nantes, in Rezé, where once stood a slaugtherhouse, a new city rises. As a nod to this wasteland’s transformation, the shed skin of a snake bigger than life is welcoming visitors. Cars are settling randomly on the deserted landscape, a circus tent is erected, a carousel starts to spin and a former tugboat found its way onshore for its final stopover: Transfert.

Pick Up Production has imagined a free artistic city that could grow and invent itself continuously for the next five years. Do you want to walk around these unusual surroundings, have a picnic with your family, enjoy a meal at the on-site restaurant, try the radio workshop, start a game of pétanque, treat yourself to a glass of rosé, or even nap with a book on your lap? It’s up to you to make up all kinds of activities! During the whole summer, life at Transfert will consist of a plurality of artistic proposals, special festive events and convivial ones: concerts, live shows, conferences, collaborative workshops…

The opening season was curated by Pick Up Production and Toto Black, a creative collective known for their merry spirit and colorful creations. They took a fresh look at the world of travelling carnivals and the gleeful joy of beach resorts to create an urban beach club. Toto Black’s modern sideshow attractions will share the space with street performers, dancers, circus artists and, with all this joyous mayhem produced by so much talent, who needs the ocean?



How to come ?

Rue Abbé Grégoire 44400, Rezé
(site des anciens abattoirs)

By bus :  lines 30 and 97 > Stop Seil / Line 36 > Stop Sorin
By bike : bike park in front of the site
By car : park your car in Leclerc Atout Sud in the ground floor
By navibus : then 12 minutes on foot from the stop Trentemoult

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Pick Up Production
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